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Our vision at JTLV is to create a natural connection between our properties and the environment where they are located, while improving the existing conditions for the benefit of everyone, including visitors and the community. We believe in focal points that offer a variety of options and uses, catering to leisure, employment, recreation, as well as other purposes such as residences and hotels. As part of this perspective, we develop and manage properties and promote plans that will enable vibrant and lively complexes, tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of each plan and property.

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Globes | Omri Cohen | 22.06.2022

Donitz-Elad merger: Amir Biram produced a return of 80% in two years

The merger between the two residential construction entrepreneurs, the Donitz Brothers and the new Elad Israel Residential, was completed this week and boosted the value of the Donitz Brothers by 44%, to NIS 1.67 billion. Following the completion of the transaction, the JTLV 2 real estate fund became the controlling owner of Donitz Brothers, with a holding of 50.01% of the voting rights in it.

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The Marker | Shlomit Tzur | 26.06.2022

The JTLV Foundation purchased the Mandarin Hotel in North Tel Aviv for NIS 190 million

The fund purchased the commercial space in the hotel and construction rights in an adjacent lot with the aim of building another hotel - with 250 rooms and commercial space. The JTLV Foundation purchased the land on which the Mandarin Hotel is located in Tel Aviv and an adjacent reserve for the construction of a new hotel with 250 rooms and commercial space, for NIS 190 million.

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Globes | Hazi Sternlicht | 07.07.2022

JTLV raised NIS 2.1 billion for a third real estate fund

During the upheavals that hit the capital markets, JTLV's third real estate fund, headed by Amir Biram, Shlomo Gutman and Ariel Rotter, managed to complete a NIS 2.1 billion fundraising, Globes has learned. The fundraising, with the participation of some of the largest institutional entities in the economy, alongside private investors, was carried out over a period of less than six months.

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BizPortal | Alexander Katz | 03.08.2022

JTLV enters ultra-Orthodox areas: will build a neighborhood commercial center in Beit Shemesh

Ran JTLV has completed the purchase of land in Beit Shemesh in the amount of NIS 81 million - BizPortal has learned. The area of the land purchased from private ventures is 4.5 dunams and it is located in the Ramat Beit Shemesh neighborhood 4, on which it plans to build a neighborhood commercial center with a constructed area of approximately 8,500 square meters. The land purchased by JTLV's third real estate fund already has a permit Complete for construction. This is vacant land on which excavation and landfill work is currently being carried out.

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Calcalist | Rani ben Shaul | 24.10.2022

Amir Biram from JTLV stated that there is no substitute for shopping centers even in the worlds of e-commerce

Today, a large part of the consideration of where to build your office is related to accessibility to public transportation and how far it is from home," said the Mayor of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Raz Kinstlich, in a panel on the topic of profitable real estate. According to him, Rishon Lezion is one of the largest providers of personnel in the country, which makes The establishment of offices in the city of Lakdait.

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Calcalist | Guy Nardi | 21.11.2022

The JTLV Foundation purchased land to build a hotel in Akhziv

The JTLV3 fund recently purchased 67% of a land division in an area of approximately 11 dunams in Achziv. The land was purchased for NIS 33.5 million from a group of private entrepreneurs who will be partners of the fund in the project. The partners intend to build a boutique hotel on the site with an area of 12,000 square meters, with an investment of approximately NIS 150 million.

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The Marker | Yosef Haresh | 06.03.2023

The JTLV fund brings its logistics activities to the public Shemen company

The public company Shemen Industries merges with a partnership of the JTLV Foundation and Zvi Ben-Zvi's Orsher company. Shemen Industries owns 86 dunams in a strategic location near Haifa Port. The partnership of Ben Zvi and JTLV will bring the company three plots of land in Ashdod in Ofakim and Ariel. JTLV and Orscher will become part of the controlling owners of the oil with holdings of 44%

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Calcalist | Amir Pergar | 06.03.2023

An area of 86 dunams adjacent to the port of Haifa attracted JTLV’s logistics activity to the stock exchange

The JTLV fund puts part of its activity on the stock exchange. Today, the fund, which specializes in real estate, signed a deal under which it will merge its activities in the field of logistics with the public company Shemen Industries, which owns land in an area of 86 dunams adjacent to the port of Haifa. In the first stage, the area will be designated for rent in its current state with the required changes, and later it will be designated for development After the completion of the transaction, the merged company is expected to own 4 plots of land used or intended for logistical uses, in Ashdod, Ariel, and Ofakim, and as mentioned in Haifa.

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Calcalist | Amir Pergar | 04.04.2023

The JTLV fund buys from Leumi 50% of Beit Lin in Tel Aviv for NIS 325 million

Despite the slowdown and uncertainty in the real estate market, the JTLV fund, which is managed by Amir Biram, Ariel Rotter and Shlomo Gutman, concludes another deal. After the merger deal with Shemen Industries in the logistics sector last month, it is now purchasing 50% of the Beit Lin office building from Bank Leumi in exchange for NIS 325 million, in a deal that gives the building a value of NIS 650 million. The building, which is located at the corner of Lilinblom, Yehuda Halevi and Nachalat Binyamin streets in Tel Aviv (which we also gave it its name), is currently used by the bank, and it is expected to vacate its offices no later than the end of March 2024 with the completion of the transfer of the headquarters units and its main management to Lod.

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The Marker | Hadar Horesh | 25.07.2023

JTLV, BSR and Rahamim partnership submitted a single offer

The Israel Land Authority succeeded in marketing another huge tender at the entrance to Jerusalem: a single group of entrepreneurs submitted an offer for a large complex of employment, commercial and rental apartments, and will pay approximately NIS 174 million for the lot, including development expenses. The winning group includes Keren (60%) JTLV, the BSR company controlled by Nachshon Kivaiti (20%), and the Yehuda Rahami company (20%).

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