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About JTLV

The JTLV Group, specializing in the initiation, development, and management of real estate assets, is leading a new era in the real estate market in Israel. This is achieved through the development and establishment of unique urban complexes in city centers that address a variety of population needs - in residential areas, employment, commerce, logistics, hotels, and leisure. The group manages three funds, with a total equity of approximately 5 billion shekels, and oversees properties with a total value of about 10 billion shekels.



In 2011, the JTLV Foundation was established by Amir Biram and Israeli partners who joined him. Shortly thereafter, Ariel Rotter joined the company as a managing partner.


In 2019, Shlomo Gutman joined as a managing partner, and the JTLV2 Fund began its activity after raising over a billion shekels from institutional and private investors.


In 2022, the JTLV3 Fund commenced its activity after raising over 2.1 billion shekels from institutional and private investors.


The JTLV funds are managed by Amir Biram, Ariel Rotter, and Shlomo Gutman – entrepreneurs and senior executives in the business, with extensive experience in real estate, finance, capital markets, and collaboration with leading institutional entities.

Amir Biram Amir Biram Managing Partner
Ariel Rotter Ariel Rotter Managing Partner
Shlomo Gutman Shlomo Gutman Managing Partner


The JTLV Group specializes in initiating, developing, and managing real estate assets through the creation and establishment of unique urban complexes in city centers. These complexes address a variety of population needs, including residential areas, employment, commerce, logistics, hotels, and leisure. The group operates across the spectrum of real estate enhancement options, including land development, suboptimal planning, removal of planning and other barriers, additional building rights, zoning changes, legal and engineering issues, dissolution of partnerships, distressed properties/property owners, development and construction.

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Leading complex entrepreneurial projects, multifunctional and substantial, situated in central points within major cities in Israel and/or adjacent to main transportation arteries. These projects will provide access to and redefine city centers, attracting residents, businesspeople, tourists, and visitors throughout the day, creating vibrant urban hubs. JTLV serves as the managing partner in these projects, responsible for the management, planning, and advancement of the projects in various aspects, from planning and bureaucratic processes to selecting the suitable concept for each complex.


JTLV specializes in initiating and establishing profitable properties, marketing them, leasing, and managing them. The group has set a goal for itself to transform existing properties into a friendly and innovative environment that combines high-quality shopping with a unique experience, leisure, and recreation.


The implementation of JTLV's vision is based on the ability to identify opportunities for entrepreneurial projects designed for various uses, located in attractive locations in major cities in Israel and near central transportation hubs. The capability to execute complex transactions, addressing the need for purposeful change and creating diverse usage complexes, extends to planning and construction and culminates in marketing/leasing and property management. This allows for the establishment of high-quality projects, including those tailored to unique segments of the population.


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