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JTLV Foundation Gives Back to the Community with Love

The Social Space in the Colosseum

The Social Space in the Colosseum Association Website

The structure "The Colosseum" has experienced ups and downs since it was inaugurated as a square site in the 1970s. In recent years, it operated as a strip club known for its negative reputation, becoming a focal point for the exploitation of women. Following the building's acquisition by JTLV, its owners decided not to allow the continued existence of the club and dedicated the structure to social activities through the public benefit company "Each from His Place." The association "The Social Space" took upon itself to transform a place from a dark and exploitative environment to a space that radiates light; from a location of exploitation and indulgence to a dignified and empowering space. It shifted from a cynical and exploitative business to a structure of positive action and contribution rooted in Jewish values and a sense of shared destiny in Israel. The entrance floor and upper floor serve as a shared workspace for social organizations and as a venue for events, including rotating exhibitions. The hosting organizations benefit from added value through the operation of an educational center that provides training for social organizations on various broad topics: technology utilization, resource mobilization, advocacy with the government, and more. Additionally, the place operates an educational visitor center that hosts groups of young people from Israel and around the world. These groups aim to engage and learn about justice, world repair, and taking responsibility. The goal is to introduce them to the vision, social activities, and the sense of identity and belonging promoted by the place. The lower floor of the building includes a training kitchen that hosts vocational training courses for women and at-risk youth, providing them with professional certification. The aim is to integrate them into reputable workplaces and cultivate character traits needed in the job market, such as self-confidence, perseverance, and more.

Association Website

The Association for Social Urban Renewal specializes in leading, planning, and implementing urban renewal processes involving the participation of the local community. It translates the residents' needs into action through tailored architectural and economic planning, utilizing diverse and innovative funding tools. Established in 2012, its mission is to promote social leadership through physical and community urban renewal processes, with an emphasis on the socio-geographic periphery in Israel. According to the association's work model, integrating social perspectives into urban renewal plans is a cornerstone for creating sustainable change. The implementation of the approach relies on community awareness and empowerment. This empowerment leads to the strengthening of community cohesion and solidarity, enhancing the community's ability to self-manage and solve problems, and establishing the capability to create a shared value system and local identity. The Jindas model is an adaptation of an American model developed by McCormack Baron Salazar, implemented throughout the United States for over 40 years. It is based on a holistic understanding that integrates community activity into the urban renewal process from the initial planning stages. The uniqueness of the model lies in recognizing that the key to social leadership is the integration of diverse populations with disadvantaged populations. The housing issue should be seen in the perspective of the entire neighborhood renewal process, including educational institutions, community and commercial centers, and the entire public space over the long term. The model enables urban renewal in neighborhoods with low land values while preserving the place and existence of the existing population alongside new residents joining the community. JTLV team members are part of the management committee of the Jindas Association, assisting in the development of economic models that enable the implementation of projects. They work with suppliers, relevant bodies, partners, and authorities in the execution of these projects.

Association Website

Ruach Chadasha (Fresh spirit)

Ruach Chadasha (Fresh spirit) Association Website

In 2014, shortly after acquiring the historic Alliance House, JTLV repurposed the building, which had been neglected for many years and primarily served as a focal point for the homeless, vulnerable individuals, and more. Following this, JTLV leased the magnificent structure to the non-profit organization "Ruach Chadasha" free of charge so that it could conduct its activities there until the commencement of construction work. Since then, the building has become vibrant and a significant attraction center. "Ruach Chadasha" is an association that operates to strengthen Jerusalem's status as an inspiring, attractive, and relevant capital city for young people. Alliance House serves as the motherhouse of Ruach Chadasha and as a hub for the formation of an innovative, creative, and professional community in Jerusalem. The house hosts 14 collectives of 200 artists operating from shared workspaces, fostering original Jerusalemite creativity. It serves as a venue for art exhibitions, live performances, parties, and cultural events.

Association Website

The Triangle Thread

The Triangle Thread Association Website

"The Triangle Thread" association was established in 1999 by Yigal and Dana Goldshtein with the aim of providing emotional and professional assistance to at-risk youth and young adults (ages 14-25) from all over the country. This includes youth who have dropped out of the educational system, those without a home, individuals struggling with substance abuse, those turning to crime and prostitution for livelihood, victims of physical/sexual abuse, and others. The association offers support, guidance, a safe space, counseling, and advocacy for young people who are disconnected from their families and dealing with a wide range of issues that prevent them from leading normative lives. The association operates in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare under its supervision, running groundbreaking projects for the benefit of this population, all accompanied by social workers and experienced, qualified caregivers. The association's rehabilitation program offers emotional and physical support, assistance, and guidance for at-risk youth, aiming to help them lead normative lives and providing tools for self-empowerment, improved self-confidence, and realization of their potential. JTLV collaborates extensively with "The Triangle Thread" association, involving its youth as employees in the organization's properties and more.

Association Website
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