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City Gate – Jerusalem

סטטוס פרויקט
City Gate – Jerusalem

The Project

Fund | JTLV3

Location | At the entrance to Jerusalem, facing the String Bridge and adjacent to the Government Buildings (from the direction of the city entrance).

Area | 104,000 sqm

Occupancy Rate | 60%

The new business district of Jerusalem, considered the city's flagship project, features two 40-story towers and two low-rise buildings. The first is located at the city's entrance, near the String Bridge, the Congress Center, and the Government Buildings complex. Due to its strategic location as the 'gateway to the city,' the project was named 'Sha'ar HaIr' (City Gate) by the municipality of Jerusalem. Additionally, the project benefits from optimal transportation accessibility, including proximity to the central station, three light rail lines, an intercity train, and a public parking lot (Sha'ar Hatzafon Parking).

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