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Redesign – Kiryat Ata

Redesign – Kiryat Ata

The Project

Fund | JTLV1

Location | Derech Haifa 44, Kiryat Ata Junction

The complex, jointly owned by JTLV, Shuki Schwartz, Uri Kramer, and the Belitzblau family, is a commercial facility dedicated to the world of design and home decor. It is the largest facility in the north in this field, covering approximately 18,000 square meters for rent, featuring over 40 showrooms of leading companies in Israel and worldwide in the fields of design, construction, and furniture. Within the Redesign complex, a new concept called Dlounge has been established. Dlounge is an ecosystem in the design field that combines shared workspaces, areas for conferences and lectures, and a display area for suppliers. Dlounge serves as a professional meeting place for architects/designers and their clients. The complex is located in a central and convenient location in the north, at the Kiryat Ata interchange on Highway 22 and the Haifa Highway, near IKEA and adjacent to the future light rail station (expected to open in 2028). With 420 free parking spaces and charging stations for Tesla cars, the complex becomes a source of inspiration and attraction for the northern population and the professional community involved in the design field. Redesign opened to the public in May 2021.

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