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Ramot Mall – Jerusalem

Ramot Mall – Jerusalem

The Project

Fund | JTLV1

Location | Ramot Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Ramot Mall in Jerusalem, maintained by JTLV and The Phoenix, spans a commercial area of approximately 18,000 square meters where visitors enjoy a homey shopping experience. The mall features a row of leading fashion brands, a variety of cafes, fast-food options, and numerous other shops and services. Additionally, the mall is set to expand by an additional 8,000 square meters, diversifying and significantly enhancing the entertainment and service offerings. The expansion will include a new auditorium hosting children's performances, cultural events, and more. Ramot Mall serves as a family entertainment destination, offering attractive activities for children with an emphasis on community connection. Its proximity to Jerusalem's main traffic arteries and the ample free parking provided make it accessible and convenient for visitors from all over the city and beyond.

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