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Simol Mall – Ashdod

Simol Mall – Ashdod

The Project

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Simol Mall Ashdod is the leading brand mall in the city of Ashdod. The mall is located in the city center, adjacent to the municipality building and the central station. The mall opened in August 2003, and in 2016, it underwent extensive renovations, including internal and external upgrades and changes to the business environment. Simol Mall Ashdod covers over 16,000 square meters of commercial space, hosting more than 80 businesses and shops offering leading international and Israeli brands, restaurants, cafes, fitness clubs, and cinemas, catering to diverse demographics of men and women, adults, and youth. Currently, the mall is constructing an office tower for rent, comprising 11 additional floors on top of the existing tower, totaling approximately 10,000 square meters. With this expansion, the mall is expected to attract thousands of additional visitors, becoming a vital and central campus for businesses, entertainment, and leisure.

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