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Savyonim Mall – Yehud

Savyonim Mall – Yehud

The Project

Fund | JTLV1

Location | Moshe Dayan Road 3, Yehud

Savyonim Mall is located in the Savyonim neighborhood in Yehud-Nehemiah, a central and strategic location near the main traffic arteries of the area. The mall covers 10,000 square meters of commercial and office space, serving approximately 150,000 residents from the Ono Valley region and the surrounding areas. The commercial floors host specialty shops in the fields of culinary arts, fashion, beauty and cosmetics, communication and electronics, as well as restaurants and cafes, creating a diverse environment appealing to various demographics—women and men, adults and youth. Beyond its commercial character, the mall also serves as a community center for the local residents, hosting events, workshops, fairs, and more. In addition to the commercial floors, the mall includes two additional office floors that offer various services to the population, such as clinics, a post office, a fitness club, a dental clinic, specialized medical practices, a hair salon, and more.

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