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Piano – Netanya

Piano – Netanya

The Project

Fund | JTLV2

Location | Ir Yamim Neighborhood, Netanya

Area | Approximately 7,800 sqm

Occupancy Rate | 50%

Piano Complex is located in the heart of the prestigious Ir Yamim neighborhood in Netanya, overlooking the southern coastline. It is a commercial center within a giant and innovative park, allowing visitors to enjoy a unique blend of urban and pastoral atmospheres under the open sky. The complex, designed with breathtaking architectural aesthetics, is inspired by the most romantic cities in the world and is situated at the center of "Kikar Amanei Yisrael," associated with culture and art. The array of restaurants, cafes, and businesses, surrounded by lush greenery and facing the beach, provides visitors with a truly special leisure experience.

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