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Winery Complex – Rishon LeZion

סטטוס פרויקט
Winery Complex – Rishon LeZion

The Project

The Winery Complex is located in the heart of the business center of Rishon LeZion on an area of 35 dunams and will become a vibrant and dynamic complex that highlights the authentic character of the ancient winery. The complex's plan was formulated under the leadership of the architecture firm COBB–PEI in collaboration with Kimmel Eshkolot Architects. Visitors will enjoy an intriguing blend of the historic winery buildings, which will undergo meticulous preservation, and a new, innovative leisure complex offering diverse and unique spaces for high-quality commerce, restaurants, galleries, events, and more. Additionally, residential buildings will be constructed in the complex, intended for rental by a young population, residential towers for families, and a protected housing complex. The preservation of the winery is the largest conservation project in Israel and will serve as a focal point for residents of the central region, preserving the values of society and connecting to the community that characterizes JTLV.  

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