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Borochov – Givatayim

Borochov – Givatayim

The Project

Fund | JTLV1

Location | 54 Borochov St., Givatayim

Frendly Borochov, owned by JTLV, is located in the heart of the Borochov neighborhood in Givatayim, serving as a vibrant and community-oriented commercial center. The facility underwent extensive renovations and reopened to the public in the summer of 2018. It encompasses spacious and well-designed commercial areas totaling approximately 4,000 square meters, high-quality cafes and restaurants, a fitness studio for all ages, and a medical center near the wide park. The center attracts the growing population and serves as a shopping and leisure hub for residents. Plans for the coming year include the construction of an additional office floor in the complex.

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