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Ruach Chadasha (Fresh spirit)


In 2014, shortly after acquiring the historic Alliance House, JTLV repurposed the building, which had been neglected for many years and primarily served as a focal point for the homeless, vulnerable individuals, and more. Following this, JTLV leased the magnificent structure to the non-profit organization “Ruach Chadasha” free of charge so that it could conduct its activities there until the commencement of construction work. Since then, the building has become vibrant and a significant attraction center.
“Ruach Chadasha” is an association that operates to strengthen Jerusalem’s status as an inspiring, attractive, and relevant capital city for young people. Alliance House serves as the motherhouse of Ruach Chadasha and as a hub for the formation of an innovative, creative, and professional community in Jerusalem. The house hosts 14 collectives of 200 artists operating from shared workspaces, fostering original Jerusalemite creativity. It serves as a venue for art exhibitions, live performances, parties, and cultural events.

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