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The Social Space in the Colosseum


The structure “The Colosseum” has experienced ups and downs since it was inaugurated as a square site in the 1970s. In recent years, it operated as a strip club known for its negative reputation, becoming a focal point for the exploitation of women. Following the building’s acquisition by JTLV, its owners decided not to allow the continued existence of the club and dedicated the structure to social activities through the public benefit company “Each from His Place.”
The association “The Social Space” took upon itself to transform a place from a dark and exploitative environment to a space that radiates light; from a location of exploitation and indulgence to a dignified and empowering space. It shifted from a cynical and exploitative business to a structure of positive action and contribution rooted in Jewish values and a sense of shared destiny in Israel. The entrance floor and upper floor serve as a shared workspace for social organizations and as a venue for events, including rotating exhibitions. The hosting organizations benefit from added value through the operation of an educational center that provides training for social organizations on various broad topics: technology utilization, resource mobilization, advocacy with the government, and more.
Additionally, the place operates an educational visitor center that hosts groups of young people from Israel and around the world. These groups aim to engage and learn about justice, world repair, and taking responsibility. The goal is to introduce them to the vision, social activities, and the sense of identity and belonging promoted by the place. The lower floor of the building includes a training kitchen that hosts vocational training courses for women and at-risk youth, providing them with professional certification. The aim is to integrate them into reputable workplaces and cultivate character traits needed in the job market, such as self-confidence, perseverance, and more.

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