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The Triangle Thread


“The Triangle Thread” association was established in 1999 by Yigal and Dana Goldshtein with the aim of providing emotional and professional assistance to at-risk youth and young adults (ages 14-25) from all over the country. This includes youth who have dropped out of the educational system, those without a home, individuals struggling with substance abuse, those turning to crime and prostitution for livelihood, victims of physical/sexual abuse, and others. The association offers support, guidance, a safe space, counseling, and advocacy for young people who are disconnected from their families and dealing with a wide range of issues that prevent them from leading normative lives.
The association operates in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare under its supervision, running groundbreaking projects for the benefit of this population, all accompanied by social workers and experienced, qualified caregivers. The association’s rehabilitation program offers emotional and physical support, assistance, and guidance for at-risk youth, aiming to help them lead normative lives and providing tools for self-empowerment, improved self-confidence, and realization of their potential. JTLV collaborates extensively with “The Triangle Thread” association, involving its youth as employees in the organization’s properties and more.

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