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The Association for Social Urban Renewal specializes in leading, planning, and implementing urban renewal processes involving the participation of the local community. It translates the residents’ needs into action through tailored architectural and economic planning, utilizing diverse and innovative funding tools. Established in 2012, its mission is to promote social leadership through physical and community urban renewal processes, with an emphasis on the socio-geographic periphery in Israel. According to the association’s work model, integrating social perspectives into urban renewal plans is a cornerstone for creating sustainable change.
The implementation of the approach relies on community awareness and empowerment. This empowerment leads to the strengthening of community cohesion and solidarity, enhancing the community’s ability to self-manage and solve problems, and establishing the capability to create a shared value system and local identity. The Jindas model is an adaptation of an American model developed by McCormack Baron Salazar, implemented throughout the United States for over 40 years. It is based on a holistic understanding that integrates community activity into the urban renewal process from the initial planning stages. The uniqueness of the model lies in recognizing that the key to social leadership is the integration of diverse populations with disadvantaged populations. The housing issue should be seen in the perspective of the entire neighborhood renewal process, including educational institutions, community and commercial centers, and the entire public space over the long term. The model enables urban renewal in neighborhoods with low land values while preserving the place and existence of the existing population alongside new residents joining the community.
JTLV team members are part of the management committee of the Jindas Association, assisting in the development of economic models that enable the implementation of projects. They work with suppliers, relevant bodies, partners, and authorities in the execution of these projects.

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